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House Project Mozi

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Give to House Project Mozi

After visiting Mozambique Africa where my brother Isaac Williams and his wife Carol serve as campus Pastors out of Healing Place Church I could not help but notice poverty. I thought I was poor growing up as a missionary kid. But seeing children with rags around their bodies and old dirty sandals, who just walked miles to get to church with their younger sibling on their backs, made me realize I had never been poor, and in my current state of living I was fortunate and blessed beyond measure.

One need that struck my heart the most was the fact that many families did not have houses to live in. They lived in something but not what we would consider a house.

I knew that my brother had recently built his own house so I asked him how much it would cost to build these families a basic home with a tin roof.

When talking to families about their houses, I often ask the size of the house. I’m always curious to know how they fit such large families in so small a house. Some are as small as 10’x12′ and some a little bigger. Despite these living conditions, they worship a faithful God who knows their every need. They seek and serve Him because of the great miracle of salvation that they have experienced.

Isaac Williams

For only $5,000 we can build a brand new home. This amount includes all materials, plumbing and pay for hired hands, which provides jobs for the young men. Building a two-bedroom brick home would be an answer to a parent’s prayer, bringing comfort knowing their family is protected from harsh conditions.

Join us as we build houses together, one family at time! It takes willing individuals like you and I who want to make a difference (All donations are tax-deductible).

Ways You Can Give:

  • Sponsor a house for $5,000
  • Give $1,000 to furnish the inside. Imagine a family walking into a fully furnished place: new mattresses, dining room table, and chairs, plates and cups, etc.
  • Give any amount towards a house and furniture.

Give to House Project Mozi

Pure Intentions


Check Out Pure Intentions

Every girl dreams of one day meeting her prince charming and walking down the aisle in her beautiful hand picked gown. A young girl’s heart and intent is to do the right thing when it comes to love, relationships and intimacy. Her intent is to avoid pain and not get burned by love.

Intentions to do the right thing are not enough though. Individuals need vision behind their goals and convictions. Reasons need to be clear and a path needs to be defined in order to accomplish the goal of purity. Our hope is to walk along side young women and help provide vision, direction, and a clear path to follow that deviates from the world’s standards. The world confuses the truth of sex, intimacy, and love. Often the media portrays these three as either a common experience or an over the top romance that is impossible to resist. The reality only leads to heartbreak and pain that can leave wounds and scars for life.

“so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people”. (‭Philippians‬ ‭2‬:‭15‬ NLT)

The “Pure Intentions Project” will cast Godly vision by going back to the manual guide, the Bible, teaching what God has to say about sex, love and intimacy. Our hope is that these young girls will embrace the understanding of their beautiful identity in Christ and be empowered to choose God’s best and perfect way for purity.

Check Out Pure Intentions

Anita’s Closet

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Give to Anita’s Closet

Anita is her name. Her leader pointed her out in the crowd “the girl with the pink clothes” as she proceeded to tell me her story. She came from another state, either sold or traded, and is the servant girl for a family here in Mozi. Anita is only 12 years old and takes care of another baby and is responsible for house duties such as cooking and cleaning.

For a while she would sneak out and walk to church without anyone knowing. You see Anita has fallen in love with Jesus. Now her boss allows her to attend church only if she finishes all her responsibilities. So on Sunday’s, Anita wakes up at 6:00am to go get water and bathe the baby and clean house. Then she walks to church with the baby on her back. When other kids are playing during Sunday school she has to sit out since she has a baby to care for.

Today Anita came to our Shine event after her leader begged the owner to let her attend our girl’s event. Leaving the baby behind, she was brought to us. All the planning, fundraising, packing and traveling to the other side of the world was worth it for me to meet this one girl.

I later caught her looking at her new jewelry with a beautiful smile on her face. And of course I snuck in extra just for her. She may have a hard life here on earth but one day this girl will free from the hardships and burdens because she’s anchored in Jesus. Till we meet again Anita, you are beautiful!

I’m super excited about our brand new project coming soon. We saw the need and we just can’t turn and look the other way. After meeting Anita and finding out the outfit she was wearing that day was her best and main outfit, I realized that we have to do something. Why not buy brand new cute outfits for little girls so they can feel special when they go to church? Most of the kids wear the same clothes until they become rotten and can’t cover their little bodies anymore.

Give to Anita’s Closet